Car safety checks that you should make today

If you haven’t been driving much over the last couple of weeks, then it may be time to do some quick checks before you drive off.
While your car shouldn’t be leaking oil, a standing car can lead to new problems. Before taking a long drive, be sure to check on your oil. Something that should be checked regularly, your oil level is important to maintain. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s handbook for the exact details for your car.
While it may seem obvious, it’s important to check your fuel level! After being stuck at home for a couple of weeks, you may have just forgotten if a trip to the gas station is necessary.
Tyre pressure
Did you know that not driving is worse for your tyre pressure than a regular day to day routine? Remember to check your tyre pressure at the same time as you fill up.
Water levels
From your coolant levels to your wiper fluid levels, it's a good idea to regularly check these. Overheated cars are quite common here at home, so make sure to double-check these levels before heading on your journey.
Things to check in regards to your lights include checking for any cracks, making sure no bulbs have blown or are weirdly dim and giving the lights a good clean. 
These quick safety checks are just another step in keeping you safer on the road. Need help after a car accident? Contact our team, we’ll help you.