Complete Your Emergency Car Kit With These Essentials

Whether you’re planning a long trip out to a remote destination or simply running your weekly errands, your emergency car kit should ideally be stocked and in your car at all times - you never know what can happen on your next trip out.

The essentials for any emergency car kit

Spare tyre - Seems simple enough! But when last did you check the air pressure in your spare tyre? Make it a habit by checking the air pressure of all of your tyres - including the spare! Another top tip is to read up in your manual about your spare tyre. Some cars are fitted with a space saver which can only be used at a recommended safe speed - normally around 80km/h maximum.

First aid kit - A simple first aid kit that is easily accessible is always handy in emergencies. You never know when you might hurt yourself - and if you happen to drive past an accident scene, it may come in use for someone else in a time of need.

A towel - A strange recommendation but a towel can come in handy in a lot of situations. It could be a simple grocery spill that needs to be cleaned up or it could be in a more serious situation such as in a car accident to cover broken glass. 

Spare cash - we’re not talking a lot of spare cash, just a spare $20 - $50 to help you in a pinch. Imagine being stuck without your wallet and needing fuel.

A high visibility vest and hazard triangle - These high visibility essentials are great to have in your car if you break down unexpectedly. They will help you to easily alert other drivers that you are on the road, that there’s a hazard to be aware of and potentially in the way.

Car accident guide and Carbiz contact details - Our free and easy download “what to do in a car accident” is an essential to carry in your car. You never know when an accident can occur and this simple document will help you when you need it most. Keep it in an easily accessible spot in your car and give us a call if you get stuck in an accident, we’ll help you.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you