Covid - how we keep your car clean

Our team at Carbiz is committed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Australia. As such we are taking countless safety measures to make the experience of hiring your accident replacement vehicle safe for everyone.
If you’re in an accident and your car is in the repair shop, then we don’t want you to be stuck on public transport. A car is a good way to maintain social distancing - another win for accident replacement vehicles!
During the pandemic, our team wants to ensure your safety and we’ve introduced a number of Covid safe practices in place including

  • Social distancing and minimal customer contact,
  • Masks are worn,
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols including using disinfectant
  • Deep cleaning of cars before every rental including special attention to ‘high touch’ zones such as the steering wheel, indicators, dashboard, hand grips, cup holders, keys and door handles.

Other areas in our accident replacement vehicles that are cleaned before dropping them off to you include

  • Safety restraints and seatbelts, 
  • All surfaces inside the vehicle,
  • All switches and controls.

Been in an accident that was not your fault? Contact our team as soon as possible, we’ll help you, every step of the way. We’ve simplified the whole process - and our goal is to get you the best deal.