Different Car Accident Scenarios

While no two car accidents will ever be the same, there are often similar events that happen in the run up to the point of collision. And if you’re not at fault, then you’ve probably experienced a car accident similar to one of these. 

Fault in a car accident can sometimes be tricky to determine, if you’ve been in a car accident and are not at fault, then speak to an expert at Carbiz as soon as possible. 

Types of car accidents that we often see

Driving at speed and losing control

Many car accidents are caused by drivers speeding and being generally reckless. If a driver is speeding and suddenly loses control of their vehicle, they may hit other cars before coming to a stop. It’s important to remain calm in this situation and wait until the at fault driver’s car comes to a complete stop before getting out of your vehicle. If you’re not at fault, remember to call our team at Carbiz as soon as possible - we’ll be able to help you with what to do next.

Rear end car accident

Car accidents often happen when a car hits your car from behind. If another car rear ends your car and you are not at fault, then you have a claim. The at fault driver, or their insurance company, will be liable for the costs associated with the car accident. 

Running traffic lights

These accidents also happen frequently where a driver decides to drive through a red light and hits another car who had right of way. So the next time you are in an intersection, take a moment to observe your surroundings - while some of these accidents are unavoidable, it may just be a time where you can brake to avoid the collision.

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