Do I need new tyres?

It is difficult to predict when a tyre will need replacing – tyre lifespan and mileage depends on its design, driver habits, climate, road conditions and the level of tyre maintenance applied.

However, keep in mind that after 5 years in use, you should take your vehicle for a tyre inspection at least once per year, and if your tyres haven’t been replaced in 10 years, you should replace them even if they have not been worn down to the tread indicator. Check for the manufacturing date using the DOT number on the sidewall of the tyre.

Things that will ensure that you get more mileage out of your tyres:

  • Maintain your tyres air pressure, alignment and make sure that you regularly check that the wheels of your vehicle are properly balanced – you should check your tyre pressure at least once a month, and your alignment and wheel balancing should be done with every replacement tyre fitment
  • Avoid potholes, driving into kerbs, sharp objects in the road and slow down over speed bumps.
  • Quick starts and emergency braking will increase tyre wear and tear
  • Avoid mixing tyre types on your vehicle
  • Be alert for any change in handling, noise or vibration and consult a professional if any of these occur
  • Don’t use summer tyres on snow and ice
  • Don’t re-inflate a tyre that has been run flat, or run seriously under-inflated

You should replace a tyre if

  • The tread is worn below the recommended tread depth
  • There is any damage to the sidewall
  • You have a hole in the tread that is more than 6mm in diameter
  • The edge of the tyre that sits on the wheel (the bead) is damaged or deformed

Inspect your tyres regularly and look for

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Shallow tread
  • Any nails, stones
  • Any damaged areas
  • Damaged valve caps

Pay attention to the feel of your car as you drive – a rough ride may indicate tyre damage or excessive wear. If you notice any vibration or other issue while driving – reduce your speed, pull over safely and inspect your tyres.

If your inspection reveals anything that you are unsure of, take your vehicle to a tyre dealer for advice.