Do you have roadside assistance? Here’s why you need it

Roadside insurance can provide you with a safety net, and peace of mind that no matter where you are, if your vehicle breaks down you can call on assistance. There are many plan variations available that can cater for your specific needs – normal roadside assistance, motorbikes, caravans as well as extras.

These days, with most people owning a cellphone, roadside assistance services are only a call away. But what type of assistance do they provide?

We have all had the sinking experience of a flat tyre – and all dressed up in your finest and on your way to a meeting is not really the time to be wrestling with a dirty tyre, car-jack and spanners. Calling on the professionals to come and assist would so much less stressful, not to say cleaner!

Or, you are happily motoring down the highway and suddenly your car experiences a loss of power and you come to a halt, hopefully in the emergency lane. A quick call, and hey presto – a towing service has arrived and uplifted your vehicle, to take it to the nearest repair centre.

Again, most of us have had the experience of getting into your car, and the car won’t start – flat battery. You may not have jumper cables with you – or you may not be able to use them safely. Good to remember is that complex on-board computers and wiring systems in more modern cars may be damaged by jump-starting them. It would be a big help in this situation if you could call for a technician to bring you a new battery.

Have you ever run out of fuel? Should this happen it would be good to know that you could place a call to Roadside Assistance to get a fuel delivery to your vehicle – especially if you are out in the middle of nowhere with no idea of where the nearest pump is.

Slightly more embarrassing is the situation where you might be locked out of your vehicle, or maybe have lost your keys. Roadside Assistance normally includes a locksmith service to get you moving again.

Finally – sometimes you are not sure what the exact problem is with your vehicle and what options you may have to deal with it – or maybe want to verify what you are being told by your repair centre. Some insurers include a special telephone hotline that you can call for technical advice.

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