Do you know what’s included in roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance packages can vary from the basic services upwards as optional extras are added. Having decided that you will benefit from a roadside assistance package, the next thing to do is to select the package that offers you the services that you need.

A basic service that will cover you for your vehicle if you drive in the city and for short distances, will normally include free towing for a short distance and roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A level up could include free towing for a longer distance, as well as the cost of a taxi to get you to your destination up to a maximum amount, a locksmith to assist if you have locked yourself out of your car, and vehicle recovery to your home or a car repair shop. Trailer and/or caravan towing could be covered, with maximum size and weight limits that may apply.

The next level up could cover you as an individual in any car that you may be driving. You could also benefit from free fuel up to a certain maximum per year, should you run out of fuel.

When you select your package, be certain to understand whether the service is limited to metropolitan areas, or whether the service will cover you for all country areas, and also if you are away from home. Obviously the wider the area of coverage, the more expensive the service will be – so choose according to your needs. If you drive in the city only, and only for short distances, you may elect to have metropolitan coverage only. If you drive frequently, or for longer distances – you may need to consider a wider area of coverage. If you frequently drive when away from home – there are additional benefits that you may need to select – vehicle recovery from a longer distance, a larger maximum value on passenger transport, and possibly accommodation and car hire.

Roadside assistance packages commonly have an overall maximum value for services received – be sure to check out the details before you sign up.

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