Driving habits to kick today

Driving while distracted has become common practise - but it's a dangerous driving behaviour brought on by bad driving habits. 
Here are a few bad habits that you should drop today. 
Keeping your mobile phone handy while driving
If your phone is easily accessible while driving, you will be more likely to grab for it if you get a notification. Using your mobile phone while driving will ultimately lead to distracted driving. Leave your phone out of reach.
Not wearing a seatbelt properly
It’s easy to think that putting your seatbelt on is a waste of time - and perhaps you don’t find it the most comfortable accessory. However, it’s incredibly important to wear your seatbelt correctly at all times to ensure your safety in the event of an accident.
Eating and drinking while driving
Eating and drinking while driving may stop you from being able to quickly react to a sudden emergency. If you’re desperately hungry or thirsty, consider taking a well deserved break from your journey.
Watch your footwear - lose the thongs and heels!
Some forms of footwear are actually safer than others. While there’s no law or rule against certain types of footwear, thongs or heels can get caught under the pedals.
Accidents can happen in seconds - don’t let one occur in the split second that you are distracted. 
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