Driving safely with your pets in the car

Australia as a country has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, and many pets travel in the family car on a regular basis. Do you have a pet that travels with you in your car and are they appropriately secured when you are driving?
If your pet is unrestrained in your car while you are driving, they may distract you, they may be flung around the car if you have to brake suddenly, or they may even jump out of the car and injure themselves. So many dogs are killed or injured each year while travelling on the back of open and moving vehicles – quite unnecessarily. If the dog jumps out they can also pose a danger to other vehicles.
Various states in Australia have laws that govern the transportation of animals in cars, and although there are differences in the wording, basically all of them require that the animals are not caused unnecessary harm or suffering, or that the mode of transportation is appropriate for the welfare of the animal. If you live in NSW, driving with an animal on your lap is illegal, as is transporting an animal on the open back of a moving vehicle unless it is secured.
There are a number of different options available for securing your dog in the car:

 A dog harness seat belt that secures your dog in position with a strap that plugs into the seat belt. This option is not good for a dog that is not well-behaved, or is likely to chew through the straps
 A zipline harness works well for active dogs that will not settle in the car, as it restrains them while still allowing them to move around
 A dog crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in will work well for relaxed and confident dogs
 A plush carry box that provides for a harness to be attached to the carry box is good for small dogs as it will give them a view of their owner and surroundings
 A dog guard in the boot will allow your dig to see you, move around and will prevent the dog from being thrown forward in an accident. The dog guard should be bolted to the floor and roof of your car so that it is secure.
 A back seat hammock is great for older dogs as it allows them to lie down comfortably, while protecting them from falling off the seat and stopping them from climbing into the front of the car.
 A back seat barrier that blocks off access to the front of the car can be used if you have a larger dog that