Driving safety tips for everyone

Accidents are often the result of a split second error in judgement. Don’t get stuck in a situation that was not your fault. A regular review of safety tips while driving may just save you a heartache of trouble.

Driving an unfamiliar car? Take a moment to figure things out

Every car is slightly different - take a moment to locate all of the features such as which side the indicators are. If it's the first time in the driver's seat, it's crucial to adjust the seat to the perfect driving position as well as to make sure you can see all of your blind spots through the mirrors. If you find yourself in a sticky situation that could potentially lead to an accident that’s not your fault, these initial prep steps may just save you.

Take it easy during wet weather conditions

Weather conditions can drastically affect how you drive. Wet weather can lead to some pretty dangerous situations - the best advice? Take it easy and slow down. During wet weather, avoid braking suddenly and keep a safe driving distance between you and the car in front.

Give extra space to turning trucks

Trucks and trucks with tanks or trailers can take up a lot of space when turning. Remember to give them a bit of extra space - or even a full extra lane if you see one turning. Trucks are big and cumbersome - it’s important to remember that if you can’t see their mirrors then the driver cannot see you. Avoid an accident with the truck by giving extra space around you.

Always give way to emergency vehicles

It’s an important reminder to always keep a lookout for emergency vehicles - they can operate with sirens and lights or just lights. If you notice one around you, slow down and give way.