Electric Vehicle myths

While Electric Vehicles (EV) are increasing in popularity, there are still some myths that deter people from purchasing these cars. EVs are on the edge of a boom – mass adoption, and for good reason! Have you stopped yourself from becoming an EV owner due to the following myths

Electric vehicles have a low driving range

o   The common misperception about electric vehicles are that they won’t be able to keep up with your daily driving needs. The average driving distance from a single charge of EVs currently available in Australia is more than 5 hours of continuous driving per day. It’s estimated that the average Australian household owns more than two cars and completes about one hour of continuous driving per day (or 38km/day). Assuming you are charging your EV overnight, this would mean that your EV driving range would be more than enough. With some studies indicating that certain models, such as the Tesla S would only need to be charged once every 12 days. While everybody is different in the range per day they drive, it’s important to properly asses each electric vehicle range and charging requirements before purchasing

       Charging your EV takes too long

o   Electric vehicle technology, including EV batteries, are continuously being improved. Charging times are falling rapidly, with charging times for empty batteries taking 6 to 10 hours to be fully charged. Overnight charging is ideal for most EV owners. There are also improvements in EV infrastructure, which makes charging convenient and quick – the Australian Electric Highway is one example of the updates in infrastructure. 

       Electric vehicles are too expensive to buy and maintain

o   While some EVs are more expensive to purchase now, the costs of EVs are plummeting. The fuel versus energy cost savings vary, but are roughly 1/3rd to 1/10th of the cost. There are also some potential variables such as the battery life, but the technology is improving and there is limited experience currently to go on.