EV facts you should know

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular – if you’ve ever wanted to own one or are keen on learning more about them, then read on!

    Electric vehicles have no exhaust

o   EVs don’t produce any engine emissions – so no exhaust. Besides being environmentally friendly, another nifty benefit is how quiet they are as a result!

    Electric Vehicles are fast

o   Did someone say instant acceleration? Most electric vehicles do have their limits, however, Tesla has a top speed of 200km/h.

    You can recharge your EV from a regular home outlet

o   The convenience of EVs is that you can easily charge your car at home during off-peak times.

-       Electric vehicles require less maintenance

o   Unlike their petrol and diesel engine counterparts, the electric vehicle has far fewer pieces to maintain. Besides wiper blades, tires and other wear and tear items, EVs are less maintenance heavy than combustion engines.

    Range anxiety is a thing of the past

o   Yes, range anxiety is a real concern with some models only reaching 200km. However, Tesla boasts ranges exceeding 400km on a single charge – making range anxiety a fear of the past.

    The electric vehicle isn’t a new concept

o   The first EV was actually created in 1832, and in 1895, William Morrison developed the first electric vehicle.