Evidence After an Accident That Was Not Your Fault?

There is a process that you should follow after a car accident that was not your fault, one of the steps includes gathering evidence at the accident scene. Ever wondered what you need to gather?

Besides contacting our team immediately on our dedicated accident support line, it’s important to accurately record everything.

The other driver’s details

Besides gathering the other drivers reg and car details, it’s important to swap contact information and insurance details. If you have any struggle swapping details with the other driver then it’s important to contact the police to assist.

Take photos

Gathering evidence is just a way of recording the event. Photos are a great way to capture details that you may forget to mention later on. It’s important to snap some pictures of the accident itself, the damage to the vehicles as well as the scene around the car accident. Your phone is perfect - it will automatically record the date and time which may be used later on during your insurance claim process.

Witness statements

Evidence can also include what others saw. Be sure to ask any witnesses for their contact details - while witnesses aren’t legally obligated to give statements, it’s always a great idea to ask.

Sketches and notes of the accident scene

While your accident is still fresh in your mind, it’s important to make notes about your accident - things that you can remember and the sequence in which they happened.

Any dashcam footage

Recorded footage can assist your insurance claim. If you have footage of your accident then be sure to save it. Ask any other drivers if they have any footage of the accident - or even the time leading up to your accident. While you can’t be sure what is relevant or not until your claim is closed, it’s critical to gather everything you can upfront.

Not at fault? Contact our team, we’ll help you.