EVs are the way of the future, Here’s why

Technology has definitely transformed our lives at a rapid rate – and that includes electric vehicles. Australia has made strides in electric vehicle (EV) technology, through the electric highway – a superior charging network that allows EV commuters the ability to circumnavigate Australia.

EV’s are becoming the way of the future – and the numbers are showing the growing popularity. With over 2 million electric vehicles on the road around the world. Car manufacturers are also on board – many offering hybrid options, with a select few offering fulling electric options. Tesla is of course leading the race, with superior technology and a futuristic mindset.

Many in Australia are keen to make the switch – however, price, range and infrastructure tend to be deterrents. Here are a few points which may change your mind


EV’s are on a declining cost curve, electric vehicles batteries are getting cheaper and sales are increasing. Electric Vehicles are also cheaper to run that their petrol and diesel counterparts.


With batteries becoming superior, their range and capacity is also increasing. This means that the range of EV’s will no longer be a concern in coming years.


Charging infrastructure is a concern of many EV enthusiasts. “Range anxiety” is a concern of many interested buyers – with some EV models not able to travel the distance. However this is changing – with improvements in Australia making strides. One such improvement is the Electric highway – this network of charging stations has revolutionised the EV outlook for Australia.