Fit for a spacesaver spare tyre?

Does your car come fitted with a spacesaver spare? Spacesaver spare tyres have become part of modern automotive life – but have you considered their safety or the rules when using one?

Being properly prepared for a flat tyre is a necessity to any car owner – do you know if you have all of the proper equipment to change your tyre in your car? But have you also considered what type of spare tyre you have and when last you checked the air pressure?

Spacesaver spare tyres are a smaller, more compact option that many manufacturers fit into their cars – these are more temporary use spare tyres compared to the full-sized spare tyres.

There are both pros and cons to spacesaver spares however, and there are some key rules to follow if you fit a spacesaver spare to your car.

Rules to follow when driving with a spacesaver spare:

Spacesaver spare tyres are designed to only get you back home or to the mechanic, they are not designed to be driven as a long-term alternative to a full-sized tyre.

Typically, you are able to drive a few hundred kilometres on a spacesaver tyre.

Spacesaver tyres have a speed rating of 80km/h, driving over this speed is dangerous as these tyres don’t properly grip the road, reducing steering and stopping ability.

Pros of spacesaver spare tyres

Spacesaver spare tyres are more compact and take up less space than full size spare tyres

Spacesaver tyres are lighter than a full-size tyre

Cons of spacesaver spare tyres

Spacesaver tyres have a low range and can be worn out very quickly

They are only rated and safe up to speeds of 80km/h

The full-size flat tyre may not fit into the spacesavers position in your car after changing it out for the spacesaver