Getting back to normal after an accident that was not your fault

Nobody plans for an accident - the damage to your car, potential injuries and insurance claims can all put a damper on your confidence. Getting back to your normal life can take time - as you wait for your car to get repaired or to hear back on your insurance claim.
If you haven’t called Carbiz immediately after your accident, then you will probably be left watching your car being towed away thinking “what now”. How are you going to get to work on Monday morning - or help with lift club on Thursday?
As the not at fault driver you have the right to drive. You may have the right to a hire car with the costs covered by the at fault driver. Our team will help you with your claim - and we’ll help you get back on the road as quickly as possible with a like for like accident replacement vehicle.
Accident replacement cars help you get back to normal as quickly as possible - we know that you’re busy with life. Not my fault? We’ll help you by:

  • Sourcing quotes from repairers
  • Recommending affordable repairers
  • Providing great quality rental cars until your car is fixed
  • Offering friendly, experienced 5 star customer service

So while you make sure you and your family are safe and sound following a car accident that wasn’t your fault, we’ll help you by:

  • Driving your damaged car to a repairer that suits you, not the insurer.
  • Providing you with an accident replacement vehicle until your car is fixed.
  • Managing the repairs.
  • Getting you back on the road in less than an hour*
  • Handling your not at fault insurance claim.

Contact the team at Carbiz, we’ll help you.