How clean is the inside of your car?

A recent study by found that the steering wheel is the dirtiest part of a car’s interior – perhaps up to four times as many colony forming units of bacteria than an average public toilet. And while public toilets are regularly cleaned, it’s an interesting dilemma.

What is more interesting is that many motorists – one in three – only clean the inside of their car once a year (with a further 12% never cleaning their car).

From eating in your car to touching not so clean surfaces before getting in and driving away, your steering wheel can take the brunt of hosting bacteria in your car.

Other germ-ridden areas of the inside of a car include your boot, the driver footwell, seatbelt button and handbrake.

From invisible or micro bacteria to more visible dirt and grime, it might be a good idea to give your car a good clean, regularly.

So, what can you do between washes to keep the inside of your car germ-free? A good tip is sanitizing the things you touch or cleaning your hands before getting into your car and touching your steering wheel, changing your air conditioning filter regularly, cleaning your car keys and vacuuming your upholstery.

And while many of us eat in our cars – perhaps that is another habit to stop.

Are you guilty of going long periods without cleaning the inside of your car?