How Does the Claim Process Work If an Accident Is Not Your Fault

Not my fault? As frustrating as this can be, there is a claim process that you can follow - and we can help. Here are a few things that you need to be aware of for a not at fault car accident.
Liability - or who caused the accident - is really important. Whoever is deemed as responsible will be responsible for the bill. So what happens if you are not at fault? 
First thing’s first - it’s important to make sure you follow a few simple steps at the accident scene, as with all insurance claims, documentation is needed to make an assessment.

  • Directly following your car accident, check that everyone is ok.
  • If anyone is injured, call emergency services as quickly as possible.
  • Remain calm and swap details with the at fault driver as well as with all drivers of other vehicles who were involved.
  • Remember to record all evidence while on scene
  • Call Carbiz as soon as possible and report the car accident 

Carbiz will work on your behalf, ensuring that your claim is processed correctly. 
Some of the steps that you could follow when not at fault include:
Issuing a letter of demand
If you are sure that it was not your fault, you can send a letter requesting that the other driver pays for the damage repairs and any other losses that you incurred due to the accident. It is important to attach quotes for the repair work as well as a timeframe for response to your letter.
Contact their insurer directly
Should the at fault driver not get back to you, you should inform their insurer about the accident as well as the facts thereof - they will then make an independent determination of who is at fault.