How to drive safely near motorcycles

Accidents can sometimes happen as a result of one or more of the drivers not seeing each other - and this may play a factor in many motorcycle accidents. So how should you drive when a motorcycle is around?
Motorcycles may just appear
Perhaps you’ve had a momentary loss of focus or maybe they have weaved their way through traffic to be right next to you - but motorcycles may just suddenly appear. It’s important to not get a fright if you suddenly see a motorcyclist near you, but rather keep driving the way you were.
Allow motorcyclists to overtake or to pass you
It’s so easy for a motorcycle to weave through traffic. Accidents can happen if you try to cut in front of a motorcyclist or refuse to allow them to overtake. As always, it’s good to be kind to all motorists on the road.
Take extra caution when changing lanes
A split second to double check your mirrors and blind spots may just be all it takes to catch a glimpse of an approaching motorcycle. 
Be clear about your decisions and movements
Using your indicator helps other motorists to know what your plan of action is - and it’s no different for motorcyclists. Seeing your indicator can help them to make a call on either overtaking you or slowing down in their approach to your car. Jerky lane switches and sudden turning can cause unnecessary accidents.
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