How to Drive with Confidence after an Accident - Not My Fault

Any car accident can give your self confidence a real knock - especially if you’re not at fault. So once you’ve got your hands on a like for like accident replacement car, what can you do to start rebuilding your driving confidence? 

How to find driving confidence after an accident 

Drive a car you’re comfortable in

Driving a car that's similar to your own car will help make things easier. A car of a similar size and with similar features will up your confidence immediately and help you to adapt to driving again - be sure to ask for a like for like accident replacement vehicle. 

Stop blaming yourself

Accidents happen - and if you were not at fault then it’s likely that there was nothing you could have done to prevent the accident. Blaming yourself is unnecessary and is unlikely to change the situation. 

Take a friend on a drive

Having good company on your first couple of drives after your accident can help restore your confidence and faith in your abilities. A friend will be able to be there for moral support and comfort, especially if you’re feeling vulnerable.

Talk to someone

It’s important to open up to a professional if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the car accident. Don’t keep your stress and anxiety to yourself, but rather take the time to seek help when you need it. Car accidents can be very traumatic for most people, and it isn’t something you should feel the need to hide. If you’re not at fault, you might feel anger towards the other driver or even scared to drive again - what you’re feeling is normal and it’s time to speak to someone who can help you process your feelings.

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