How to Get Through a Dispute

Fault after a car accident is very important to determine. It determines who is liable for the costs incurred from the car accident. These costs can include towing, repair or replacement of your car, hire-car costs, and lost wages or profits for income-earning cars.
Sometimes, this can lead to a dispute on who is the liable party - so what should you do if you get into this type of dispute?
Immediately following your accident and once you’ve secured the scene by making sure no one is seriously injured (and if they are, you need to call 000), it’s important to follow these steps carefully as they make things easier later on:

  • Document the accident scene by collecting evidence and taking photos. A few key pieces of information you need from the other drivers include their name, surname, address, insurance company, registration details and details of the vehicle owner (especially if this is a different person to the driver).
  • Take note of the time of the accident, where it happened, and what the traffic, lighting and weather conditions were.
  • If anyone refuses to provide their details, call the police to assist you.
  • It’s important to report your car accident within 24 hours, so if there were no police on scene you will have to visit your local police station to do this.
  • If your car can no longer drive and needs to be towed, you will need to contact a tow company and stay on scene until they arrive. It’s a great idea to keep the details of a trusted and reputable towing company saved as a contact on your phone – even better, contact Carbiz Assist as soon as possible and let us help you.

Making the claim and determining fault 
If you are not at fault, you may be entitled to a like for like accident replacement vehicle at no cost to yourself - but what is the process and how is this all handled? More often than not, fault is clear - either through admission of one of the drivers or following a quick investigation. Our team can help you with this - it’s important to wait for professional assistance when determining fault.
Disputes can happen - why and how to get through them
A dispute happens when the one of the drivers involved disagrees that it’s his/her fault. The steps following a dispute can be complex - and it’s advisable to have our team helping you through the process.

  • Fault may need to be determined by a court
  • More details may be requested from the parties involved in the accident
    • Details of any witnesses
    • Physical evidence (photos/footage, damage reports, skid marks on roads etc) and
    • Interpretation of the road rules

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