How to keep your car’s paint looking brand new

Keeping your car feeling shiny and new also includes proper paint maintenance – we’re not talking about obsessive or compulsive spot management but rather putting some effort into looking after your car’s paint job. Besides keeping your car looking good, it will also play a role in rust prevention and will help attract more buyers when you do eventually sell your car.

 Try to stick to a few key car wash tips

Proper car maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore – but you should stick a few good practices. Washing your car is one of the most important steps to maintaining your car’s paint. Properly removing dirt, bird droppings and foreign residue regularly, before bonding to the paint.

Over time dirt and grime will start to bond with the paint – this can leave the paint finish feeling rough and require plenty of work to clean off.

Rather stay away from automated machine washes – these are generally not as great as the brushes used in such machines can be too rough and harsh on the paint surface. Contactless waterjet machines are also a no-no as these facilities usually use aggressive cleaning chemicals which strip away the paint’s protective wax and sealants.

Try park under the shade

Exposing your car’s paint to the sun for long periods of time can cause UV damage. If you are planning on parking outside for long periods of time, rather park under shade provided by a carport, garage or underground car park. Parking under trees is a big no-no as they play host to insects and birds – and will quickly drop residue and bird droppings onto your car.

Take care of any scratches properly

A scratch really isn’t the worst thing – but depending on the severity of the scratch, properly taking car of it is recommended. Most scratches are best polished out with a proper polishing machine – preferably done so by a professional car detailer.