Improving the resale value of your car

The best way to ensure that you will eventually get the best possible resale value for your car, is to keep it well maintained. Ensure that you service your vehicle on time, and that the service books are kept up to date. Also avoid excessive kilometres – anything over 30 000 km per year for a large car or SUV, or 20 000 km per year for a small, sports or prestige car will negatively affect your potential resale value. If possible, try to sell your vehicle before reaching 100 000 km or just before the end of
the new-car factory backed warranty expires, as this can give the buyer peace of mind.

Another thing to consider, if you are buying a new car and want to ensure that your resale value is protected as far as possible, is the colour of the vehicle. Avoid loud or fashionable colours – stick to the basics. A purple or pink car could be worth a lot less than an identical model in a more
conservative colour.

Also, if you are buying a new vehicle, try to avoid optional equipment – rather go for the next model in the range which will have a higher book value. Buyers will normally ignore those additions that are not visible, so, if you must, go for extra items that will be hard to miss, such as alloy wheels, spoilers or a sunroof. Having said this, be careful about adding a sunroof to a regular family car as this probably won’t add anything to the potential resale value, while if the vehicle is a BMW or Mercedes Benz, it would be expected.

Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your car! The smell of smoke is virtually impossible to eradicate in a vehicle. There are many buyers who will not consider buying a smoker’s car, and will not even view such a vehicle.

Another big deterrent is the presence of animal hair in a vehicle. Animal hair is very difficult to remove, even with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
When the time comes to sell your vehicle, remember that holiday months such as December/January and April could be a bad tine to sell. If your car is a convertible, rather put the car up for sale in summer.