Internal Injuries - Dangers of Car Accidents

Injuries from car accidents can sometimes be unseen - internal injuries can be more dangerous because they won’t be immediately obvious. Internal injuries can happen in a split second - from impact with the steering wheel or even the airbag deploying. Internal injuries and internal bleeding can be life threatening - here’s what you need to know.

Types of internal injuries

The most common internal injuries include

  • Organ damage (damage to the kidney or liver)
  • Broken ribs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Brain bleeding
  • Punctured lungs

The severity of the internal injury can vary depending on the impact of your car accident.

Symptoms to look out for

If you’re at an accident scene and are concerned by your own or someone else’s injuries, then it’s important to call for medical assistance - dial 000 as soon as you can. Here are a common symptoms to look out for 

  • Pain. Impact from a car accident can cause internal injuries that you won’t be able to see. If anyone is experiencing any pain or tenderness, they should be seen by a medical practitioner.
  • Nausea. It's common for people with internal injuries to experience dizziness or nausea. Vomiting, especially if blood is seen, is a serious cause for concern.
  • Bruising
  • Feeling cold

Identification and treatment

Internal injuries can turn life threatening in seconds. If there is any concern of internal injuries, then it’s imperative to be taken to hospital as quickly as possible to diagnose. Internal injuries and internal bleeding can only be diagnosed by X-rays, CTs or careful examination by a medical professional.

Car accidents can happen in mere moments - what to do if you’re not at fault

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