Lessons advanced drivers can teach you

Driving can become a mundane activity – but every now and then you could probably use a few advanced driving tips. A few minutes into an advanced driving course and you’d come away with useful tips – here are just a few that an advanced driver could teach you

Steering wheel control

Holding your steering wheel correctly is so important to having control when driving. Many use a 10 to 2 position but another position to consider is holding your steering wheel at a ‘quarter to three’ position. 

Sitting correctly

Many drivers get their sitting position incorrect – to sit properly, you should not be too high in the seat or too far from the pedals. Your legs should have a slight bend in them as to protect you from serious hip damage should you have an accident.

Look ahead when driving

An important tip is to look as far ahead as possible – instead of only concentrating on the car in front of you. Train your eye to always look at the very last piece of road that you can see. 

Know your brakes

If you have a modern car, then your car is probably fitted with ABS or an Anti-lock Braking System. It’s important that you experiment and get the feel of it – preferably with an advanced driving instructor in a controlled and safe environment.