Like for like Accident Replacement Vehicles - It’s in the Details

Details matter - ever been in the situation where you just had to settle with less than what you deserved? This definitely should not be the case in the event of an accident that was not your fault! But what do we mean?

We mean that after an accident that was not your fault, you shouldn’t be inconvenienced. Imagine not being able to run your errands while your car is being repaired - or needing to pay for the damage and losses caused, out of your own pocket! Being not at fault means that you are entitled to a like for like accident replacement vehicle.

Here are a few other details that set us a part in accident replacement vehicles in Australia - not my fault

Similar, like for like, accident replacement vehicles

Clients who have been in an accident that was not their fault (those who qualify for an accident replacement vehicle) will receive a similar car to their own vehicle. So if you drive an automatic SUV, a similar accident replacement vehicle will be delivered to you!

Zero upfront costs

Did you know that if you’re not at fault, then the costs needed for your rental car are covered under your claim against the at fault driver/their insurance company.

We’ll deliver your accident replacement vehicle directly to you!

Our team will deliver your like for like accident replacement vehicle to you! We can meet you at a place that is most convenient to you - such as your home or directly at the repairer. Within hours, you will be driving off in your new rental - it really is that easy.

In need of an accident replacement vehicle in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or even Melbourne? We’ll help you!

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