Love That New Car Smell? Here’s How to Keep It Longer

You have just taken delivery of your brand new car – there is absolutely nothing like the feeling of driving off in your shiny, smart, great smelling new car! The trick is to keep it looking and smelling good for longer – so that you can enjoy your ride and also protect your investment, as it’s no secret that buyers will pay more for a good-looking car.

So – how to do this?

Before you take delivery of your car – consider some of the protective accessories that are offered, such as bonnet protectors, headlight protectors, mudflaps and so on. Inside the car, a cargo area protector and carpet mats are useful to have.
Some dealers offer a paint protection product for your new car – at an extra cost. Do your research on what products are available and the costs. A good quality paint protection product can be useful if you don’t plan to clean your car regularly.
Be aware of where you park your car, at night as well as during the day. If you have a garage – use it. If not, and when you are not at home, avoid parking under trees that will drip sap and provide a handy perch for birds that produce droppings – both of which can damage your paintwork. If you can park your car under cover (not trees) during the day, do so as this will protect the car’s exterior and interior from sun damage. If you have no choice, and return to your car to find some deposits – clean these off as soon as you can in order to prevent permanent  damage to the paintwork.
Wash your car on a regular basis to keep it looking good – the more often that you wash it, the easier it will be to clean. Wash the car with a mild detergent and rinse well. Dry it using a good quality chamois. Polish your car every month or so– this will protect the paint. A hand wash for your car is much, much better than a car wash where they use brushes or anything that comes into contact with the surface of the car. Commercial car washes can also use harsh detergents which may damage the paintwork over time.
If you use seatcovers, get good quality ones that won’t wear the underlying seat.
Finally – get the small things fixed as soon as you notice them. Many touch up services will fix minor dents and scratches, and if you happen to damage an allow wheel rim by coming too close to the kerb, this can also be fixed easily.