Mercedes Benz G300 CDI

The G300 CDI Professional wagon is new to the Australian market this year and offers a heavy duty 461 platform that is shared with military vehicles used by the Australian Defence Force as well as military units around the world.

This five-door wagon has the same heavy-duty chassis as the 2016 cab-chassis version, but has a shorter wheelbase.

The G-Wagen has live axles front and rear, coil springs all around and electronically switched diff locks front, rear and centre, standard fit all-terrain tyres all of which enable it to comfortably cross rugged and rocky tracks.

The powertrain is the same as the G-Professional models, comprising 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine and five-speed auto transmission. The V6 engine makes a modest 135kW and 400Nm – but it is designed to run on poor fuels and in harsh conditions anywhere in the world.

The G-Pro comes with a range of electronic driving and safety enhancements – ABS, electronic stability control with selectable on/off function, brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution. A tyre-pressure monitoring system and two airbags are also standard.

Like the G-Pro cab-chassis, the interior of the G-Pro is stripped out and barebones. There are runner mats in the footwells (no carpets), wind-up windows and central locking that needs you to put a key in the door. A PUR option pack adds leather to the seats and heating on the front pews, power adjustable door mirrors and a timber finish to the floor in the cargo area. There are 4 seats.

The sturdy roof rack is fully welded with no pop rivets or screws to loosen, and has a mesh floor in the centre. C-channels run down the sides for anchor points.

The G-Pro has a carrying capacity of 220 kg – much more than most utes on the Australian market. It has a kerb weight of 2140 kg. Included in the price are 16-inch alloy rims with 265/75R16 AT rubber, a bulbar, snorkel, radiator and sump protection plates together with indicator and headlight light guards.

The G-Professional provides practical, off-road ability and functionality. It is not the standard luxury, refined SUV – it is designed to get the job done under any conditions.

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