Misconceptions About Car Accidents - Not at Fault

Have you ever wondered what you would do in the event of a car accident? And have you ever then considered how you would get around town without a car - while yours is getting repaired? There are many misconceptions about car accidents - and about accident replacement vehicles - here are just a few that are false!

No one will be there to help - especially when you’re not at fault

This is completely wrong! Car accidents happen when you least expect it, but we will always be there to help you! Just give our team a call on our dedicated accident support line and we’ll help you. If you’re not at fault, we’ll be able to help you with your insurance claim as well as to secure a like for like accident replacement vehicle while your car is getting repaired.

If you don't have optional car hire cover then you’re going to be out of pocket

While it’s often sold as the only option to see you through the time while your car is getting repaired, this may not be the case. Many don't know that if you’re not at fault in your car accident and there was more than one vehicle involved, then you may be eligible for a like for like accident replacement vehicle at no cost to you. These costs are for the at fault drivers (or their insurers) account.

If you get an accident replacement car, it won’t suit your needs

Another misconception is that even if you are not at fault, the accident replacement vehicle that you will get will be from the lowest car rental category. This is also not the case! If you’re not at fault then you have the right to drive - this means that you are eligible for a like for like accident replacement car, a car that is similar to or the same as yours. So if you were driving a family sized SUV, then you can expect a similar rental.

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