Need to de-fog your screen? – some tips to help!

Have you ever been on your way to work on a cool morning, and had your windscreen fog up? It’s actually pretty common in generally warmer temperate climates, such as Sydney.
The fog on your windscreen is caused by a difference in air pressure and temperature between the outside and the inside of the car – generally brought on by you and your breathing!
The quickest solution is to switch on the air-conditioning in your car. Air-conditioners will cool the temperature of the inside of your car to match the cool outside morning air. Many drivers will be surprised by the sudden rush of cool air brought on by the ‘demist’ button – but this will evaporate the water condensed on the windscreen as well as cool the temperature to match the temperature outside of the car.
Not keen on the cold? Turn off the vents facing you and point the vents at the side windows. Many of the modern cars come with windscreen air vents, which will blow the cold air directly onto the windscreen – and remove the discomfort of cooling the full car during the chilly mornings.
Other types of demisting car systems include windscreens with thin wires stuck into the windscreen used to warm up the windscreen – this is common for rear windscreens and are often less effective than other air-conditioning solutions.
If you are suffering from a foggy windscreen regularly however, putting a coating over the imperfections in your windscreen (to which the water particles and condensation stick to), keeping your windscreen clean and avoiding cheap replacement glass are all great solutions to investigate.
What works for you when de-fogging your windscreen? Let us know your solutions!