Not at fault claims - the truth

The shock. The disappointment. The damage! The realisation that it wasn't your fault. In a split second things can happen - and car accidents can leave you wondering “what next”?
The first reaction of most after an accident is to immediately call their insurer, but what happens if the accident was not your fault? Does that change what you should do?
The truth is yes - it should. 
Accidents that are not your fault shouldn’t leave you inconvenienced and out of pocket. The fact of the matter is that Australian common law has provided for this eventuality - you have the right to drive. With the right to drive, you may be entitled to the recovery of all the costs incurred as a result of your accident from the at fault driver (or their insurer should they have one). 
The truth is that you are able to get back on the road as quickly as possible.
But it matters which team you use to help you - ideally, a team that can help you from the time at your accident scene right until your newly fixed car is delivered back to you. 
There are a few things to remember when making a “not at fault” claim. There must be at least two cars involved and you must ensure that you’ve gathered all of the relevant details from the driver at fault - we’ve put together this handy list for you. 
The team at Carbiz is ready to help you after your accident. Contact us as soon as possible and we can help with:

  • Driving your damaged car to a repairer that suits you, not the insurer.
  • Providing you with an accident replacement vehicle until your car is fixed.
  • Management of the repairs.
  • Getting you back on the road in less than an hour*
  • Handling your not at fault insurance claim.

Not at fault? Contact Carbiz, we’ll help you. 📞1300 889 256