Not My Fault! The Most Common Car Accidents Explained

Something as simple as not giving way could cause an accident - in moments you could be stuck with a massive headache, a lengthy insurance claim process and perhaps the possibility of being without a car for a good couple of weeks. However, this shouldn't be the case if the car accident was not your fault!

Not my fault car accidents happen, here are the most common ones explained.

Being rear ended - nose to tail collision

Imagine getting rear-ended by another driver while stationary. If someone collides into the back of your car, they will almost always be considered at fault. 

Failure to give way

Impatience and a lack of spatial judgement can lead to these types of accidents - remember to be kinder to motorists around you and give way.

Colliding with a stationary object

Driving while distracted can often lead to this type of car accident. Stationary objects could include parked vehicles - remember to always be vigilant while driving!

Not my fault accidents can be any one of these types of accidents - and can leave you wondering what to do next. Something as simple as sitting in your parked car can lead to an accident - leading to the at fault driver being responsible for all costs as a result. 

As the not at fault driver, you may have a claim - but there are steps you need to follow to ensure your insurance claim will be accepted. The easiest step is to contact Carbiz as soon as possible, and we will guide you through the steps as well as ensure that your damaged car is delivered to the repair yard and set you up with an accident replacement car to drive.