Not your fault? How should you make that claim?

While car accidents take mere seconds to happen, the aftermath can take ages to fix and sort out - especially if you were not at fault, but it doesn't have to be! With the right team on your side, an accident that was not your fault doesn’t need to leave you out of pocket and without a car. We’ll help you, just give us a call!
So how should you make that claim if it was not your fault?
When it comes to car accidents, one of the most essential questions is who’s at fault - this is because the driver who caused the accident is liable for the costs to repair the resulting damage. Such costs can include towing, repair and the cost of an accident replacement vehicle. 
The first and most crucial step - regardless of who you’re working with to help you with your claim - is to make sure you collect enough evidence while on the scene. If you’re unsure about what to do at the accident scene, you can give our 24/7 accident support line a call.
Besides getting pictures, it’s also a great idea to gather the following information

  • The other driver’s name and address
  • Their insurer and policy information
  • Their car registration number, make and details
  • Statements and contact details from any witnesses

The next step is where things can get a bit tricky - an insurance claim needs to be made. But as the driver not at fault, who do you contact? Your insurance, the at fault driver’s insurance? Neither? Your best step is to call us as soon as possible - our team are experts in handling these types of claims to get you the best deal, not the insurer!
We’ll help you tow your car from the accident scene, get a like for like accident replacement vehicle and manage your insurance claim until your vehicle is repaired and handed back to you.
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