One step closer to increasing the range of EV’s

A major stumbling block in the electric vehicle purchase decision is range – will you be able to travel to more than just your office and back home?

Chargefox has just announced its plans to build a nationwide charging network – each rapid charge station will be able to deliver a range of 400 kilometres in just 15 minutes.

Chargefox is an Australian start-up committed to sustainable mobility. Their initial rollout includes 21 locations across Australia for the network and first stations. The locations planned included Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane; with the first stations located in Euroa and Barnawartha North in Victoria.

Funding has come from a combination of sources – such as from The Australian Mobility Clubs (NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAC,RAA, RACT), Wilson Transformers and the founder of Carsales, Greg Roebuck.

Excitingly, these ultra-rapid charging stations will be accessible to all EVs. The chargers will have a power output of at least 150kW and up to 350kW. This makes these chargers faster than any charger currently available in Australia.

Owning an electric vehicle is becoming more accessible with the commitment of investors – perhaps it is time to consider switching to an EV?