Safety tips for driving in the rain

Sliding, slipping or aqua-planning are all possible during wet and rainy weather - even the most advanced drivers can be tested should the conditions be very bad. Vision is generally impaired when it rains, from mist and fog to other drivers not paying attention.
Accidents happen, but they are most likely to occur when driving conditions are affected. Rainy weather? Here are a few tips on how you can be safer on the roads.
Experience and confidence
Experience will bring confidence when driving in the rain. Experience can come from driving many hours in similar conditions, or it comes from learning about how to drive in similar conditions such as in the case of taking an advanced driving course. 
Avoid using cruise control
In wet weather, it’s best to have full control of your car’s speed and braking. While it’s a hot topic of debate, it may just be safer to skip cruise control in wet weather.
Regularly check your windscreen wipers
Did you know that you should replace your wipers regularly? Especially in our sunny climate, it’s important to make sure that your wipers are maintained. Don’t get caught off guard when that rain hits.
Use your lights
Reduced visibility due to rainy weather can be dangerous. Besides helping yourself to see the road, your lights will help other drivers see your car.