Should You Be Worried about a Simple Fender Bender?

Simple fender benders can be inconvenient to say the least - and they happen more often than you can imagine! Whether it happened in a parking lot where someone reversed into your car - or you were sitting at a traffic light and were rear ended - fender benders can seem like more of a pain than a serious concern. But there may be reasons for you to be worried.

In most of our modern cars, the bumper is an important part of the car and is the area in which the car absorbs impact from an accident - So besides the obvious dent, there could be something more serious lurking.

Your bumper may house sensors crucial to systems related to your airbags and impact from an accident may affect these. Additionally, impact from a simple fender bender may cause damage to your wheels, alignment and even cause damage within other parts of your engine bay. Imagine your airbag sensors no longer functioning - these are crucial to keeping you safe in an accident, and perhaps the next accident is more serious - these airbags could be life saving!

Regardless of how small the impact may seem, it is very important to get the damage assessed - sometimes the only way to know what damage has occurred is to take the bumper off allowing the technician to properly assess the sensors.

Another reason to be concerned - even if it was just a simple fender bender - is that your bumper is there to absorb impact, so a damaged bumper can increase the severity of a future accident. Once damaged, the bumper can no longer take on that impact from a car accident, leaving you in danger.

Many folks would prefer to just leave the dent - it’s easier to carry on with life without the hassle of taking your car in to be repaired. A simple repair could take a couple of days - but it could take longer. That’s where accident replacement vehicles come in! Accident loan cars provide a way for you to be able to carry on with life without the inconvenience of being car-less for a couple of days - or weeks. And if you were not at fault, then the costs of the rental may be covered by the at fault party. What is important is making sure that your car is repaired correctly and that you remain safe on the road!

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