Summer car care tips

Hot temperatures and heat can put strain on your engine, it’s important to properly maintain your car to prevent unexpected part replacements and breakdowns. If you are taking long summer drives to your favourite beaches or a road trip over the holiday season, then listen up – here are a few summer car care tips to follow 

Keep an eye on your cooling system

In hot weather your engine’s cooling system has to work a lot harder to keep the engine from overheating. The coolant liquid should be changed as part of your regular service however it’s good to always keep an eye on if there is a leak – if you notice any puddles under your car, your car may be leaking coolant.

Check your tyre pressure

In hotter conditions, the air pressure in your tyres should be checked and kept within the manufacturers recommended level. Just remember to check the air pressure when the tyres are cold – as heat will cause the pressure to rise. 

Check your oil level

It’s important to check your oil level every so often. Ensuring the correct oil level, you can prevent potential lubrication problems caused by the heat.

Maintain your wiper blades

Extreme heat can quickly turn to torrential downpour – don’t get caught with cracked windscreen wipers that are unable to work as they should.

Give your car a regular wash

Salt air doesn’t cause too many issues in the short term but it’s important to make sure you wash, polish and wax your car after a seaside trip to prevent any damage to the paint.