The rules around child restraints when driving

If you didn’t already know, our team at Carbiz is child friendly! We want your little ones to be safe - today we look at the rules around child restraints for driving. 
Did you know? Many road rules and traffic laws in Australia differ from state to state, including when it comes to child car seat restraints.
You’re probably aware of the car seat and safety fitting in your own car, but do you know the rules for when you need an accident replacement vehicle.
Children to the age of seven years old cannot travel in a car without a correctly fitted and properly fastened child seat that meets Australian safety standards.
The rules for booked vehicles - such as accident replacement vehicles - are essentially the same as for private cars. We’re family-friendly - so if you are planning on driving around with your little one, then let us know! Our cars have correct anchor points for fitting a restraint.
Did you know? For their own safety, across Australia, no passenger under the age of four years old may sit in the front seat. And no passenger aged between four and seven years may sit in the front seat unless the back seats are also occupied by children under seven years. This rule applies across all vehicles.
As you get into our accident replacement vehicles, know that you and your whole family will have a safer journey!
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