Tips for driving in the rain

Even a little bit of rain can change the experience of driving, here are a few tips to stay safe while driving in the rain

Slow down and keep your distance

Your speed should ideally be half of that during dry-weather speeds. Wet roads also need a longer stopping distance – so don’t rush! Harsh breaking will likely cause you to lose control. In wet weather you need to allow about four seconds between you and the car in front of you.

Switch on your headlights

Besides regularly checking that your headlights are working, during rainy spells headlights should be switched on. Visibility may be affected due to storm clouds, turn on your headlights to help others see you.

Allow more travel time

Rain generally brings more accidents on the road, and people also tend to drive slower – everything may just take a bit longer than you are used to. In order to avoid rushing to your destination, we advise adding a bit more travel time to your trip.

Avoid aquaplaning

Aquaplaning can happen in a split second – and not a lot of water is actually needed between you and the road. Driving slower and maintaining your tyres are a few ways you can avoid aquaplaning, but what should you do if you suddenly find yourself losing control? First it’s important to not panic. Secondly, gently take your foot off the accelerator and continue holding the steering wheel in the right direction. Never slam on brakes as this will cause your tyres to lock.