Tips for safer driving at night

Driving at night is vastly different to driving in the middle of the day – oncoming traffic will look different and unknown roads can be more difficult to navigate.

Here are some tips to stay safer when driving at night.

Know how to operate your headlights – do you know how to use your headlights at a moment’s notice or how to flick on/off your high-beams? This should be second nature to you so be sure to learn where all of your light controls are.

Don’t look into the headlights of oncoming cars. Never look directly at the lights of cars approaching – potentially dazing yourself or creating light spots in your eyes. Rather look at the lane markings on your side of the road - your lights will illuminate these so that you can follow the curve of the road if one is approaching.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians, bicycles and animals – they can be harder to see at night.

Other key tips include keeping your headlights and windscreen clean, keep distractions in your car to a minimum and plan out your route so that you are aware of any steep descents, sharp corners or blind rises.