Tips to avoid accidents when driving

With so many drivers on the road, we are all responsible for driving safety. By staying alert and being ready to take action at any time, you can instantly be a safer driver. Here are some other tips to avoid being involved in an accident.

Check your mirrors

Besides necessary adjustments every time you drive, it’s important to regularly glance in your rear and side mirrors this will help you see what is happening around you – allowing you to be aware. 

Become a defensive driver

Always check your blind spots before you change lanes, pull out from a kerb or turn. Keep distance between yourself and others – by keeping alert to where other cars are in relation to yourself, you are able to make moves to keep yourself safe.

Take care around parked cars and buses

People that are walking around cars and buses are often hard to see – especially children. Slow down and be prepared to suddenly stop or pull out of the way if necessary.

 Keep a safe following distance

Ideally in good driving conditions, a 2 second gap between you and the car in front of you is recommended – this needs to be increased in wet weather and at night. This following distance will allow you time to stop should you need to, or give you enough time and space to remove yourself from any sudden change.