Tips to get your car sold

Before you list your car for sale, or approach a car broker or dealer or put your vehicle up for auction, make sure that it is presented in the best light possible in order to attract the best price possible.

Here are some things that you can do in order to ensure that your vehicle has maximum appeal for a buyer:

Consider having your car detailed by a professional. This should cost only a few hundred dollars and save you a considerable amount of time and effort doing it yourself. If you decide to clean the car yourself, make sure that you do a thorough job, and don’t forget to clean those hard to reach areas.

Make sure that there are no loose objects in the car, that can rattle around and look untidy.

The smell of cigarette smoke inside your vehicle could be very off-putting to a prospective buyer. Do remember to clean the ashtray and lighter and get put a deodoriser in the vehicle for a few days, or as long as it takes for the smell to be neutralised.  Don’t forget to remove the deodoriser when you show the car to prospective buyers.

Give the car a good wash and polish. Don’t forget the wheels, windows and all trim. Wash and polish the exterior including the wheels, windows and all chrome or stainless trim. Make sure that there is no polish residue left on the body once you are done.

It is best to sell your car after a service, or well before the next service is due, so that a prospective buyer doesn’t have the impression that you are trying to offload a vehicle that has something wrong with it.

Make an effort to indicate that you have maintained your vehicle well – ensure that the windscreen washer reservoir and radiator are topped up to the marks and that the tyres are at the correct pressure. Don’t forget about the spare wheel as well. Also make sure that you have the car’s service book available so that a potential buyer can see that regular services have been done.

Have the car’s current registration papers readily available.

If you still owe money on the vehicle to the finance house, contact them to find out what your obligations are in terms of settling the outstanding balance, and what process to follow in order to do this.

Finally, you could consider investing in a vehicle history report. There are several online services that can provide this service in Australia.

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