Tips to properly wash your car

Your car is one of the biggest expenses that you are likely to make – and isn’t it worthwhile to spend a little extra effort to keep it looking and smelling good for longer.

Start off with the interior – using electrical devices such as a vacuum cleaner after you have washed your car and water is around, is really not such a good idea. If there is any dried mud on your carpets or seats, scrub the area with a dry scrubbing brush to loosen before vacuuming up. Dog hair can also be a real pain to clean up – try the scrubbing brush or alternatively the dimpled rubber gloves used by animal groomers to gather up hair and then vacuum up. Clean your dashboard with a damp chamois, and if you have a lot of dust in air vents and hard to reach areas, try using a dry paint brush.

Wash your car on a regular basis to keep it looking good – the more often that you wash it, the easier it will be to clean. Wash the car with a mild detergent and rinse well. Dry it using a good quality chamois. Polish your car every month or so– this will protect the paint. A hand wash for your car is much, much better than a car wash where they use brushes or anything that comes into contact with the surface of the car. Commercial car cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which may damage the paintwork over time, and also affect the environment. If you wash your car on a grassed surface, potential run off of contaminated water is reduced. In order to conserve water, use a pistol grip nozzle on the hose.

Spend some time cleaning the window properly – there is nothing more irritating than having to peer through a streaked window after having washed your car. Use a fine mist household glass cleaner and a damp chamois, followed by a polish with a dry soft cloth. Clean the outside of the window first, so that you can see the marks on the inside more easily.

Using a good quality polish every three months or so will keep your paintwork protected and make sure that the exterior of your car looks shiny and new.

Just a few hours every week or so can help to maintain your vehicle in pristine condition so that you can enjoy your ride and also protect your investment, as it’s no secret that buyers will pay more for a good-looking car.