Tips to success when driving an unfamiliar car

Have you ever driven someone else’s car and realised just how different the driving experience is? 
Here are a few tips to success for driving a different car

Length of the car

If you’re used to driving a hatchback but hire a sedan then you need to be aware of the length difference from the back window to the end of the back bumper - this is crucial to remember while reversing. 

Access to the rear of the car

Especially important for parallel parking or when parking in front of another car, how you access the boot may be impacted by the type of car you’re driving. This can be essential if you are driving a hatchback that needs more room for the back door to open all the way.

Manual vs automatic 

If you’re used to driving an automatic car and hire a manual car, then there’s quite a steep learning curve - even if you used to drive that manual! And if you are used to changing those gears and get an auto accident replacement vehicle, there are a few things that may surprise you - such as the auto hill start assist.

Access to the finer details

Every car has a slightly different way of placing things. Such as the location of the indicator switch - either on the left or right depending on the manufacturer. While the function of indicators, windscreen wipers and lights will always be the same or similar, the location may vary - be sure to take a moment to check this before you head out.