Understanding run-flat tyres

With a “normal” tyre, if you get a puncture you will lose steering control, and in addition – you are exposed to added danger when you stop at the side of the road to change the tyre.


Run flat tyres (also known as mobility tyres) will not deflate suddenly if you get a puncture. How does this work? The tyre has a thicker sidewall which is made from heat resistant rubber, and is reinforced. The tyre will safely carry the weight of your car for a short period of time – even with total loss of air pressure. This allows you to drive on until you get to a service centre to have the tyre fixed or replaced.


Run flat tyres are around 25% more expensive – but this covers the convenience of not having to stop to change a tyre, possibly in unsafe surroundings. These tyres normally have a recommended speed limit of 80 km/h and can be driven for up to 150 km when punctured. Another advantage is that you don’t have to carry a spare tyre – giving you more storage and meaning that your vehicle is carrying less weight. One disadvantage of run flat tyres is that they can affect the ride quality as a result of the way in which the tyre is constructed.


A next generation in run flat tyres has a thinner side wall together with two new heat suppressing technologies that limit tyre distortion – with a resultant improved ride comfort and safety.


With run flat tyres, you should have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in your vehicle. Because run flat tyres are designed to minimise the difference in ride quality when the tyre is punctured, it may be difficult for you to realise that a tyre has lost pressure or is operating without any pressure at all. If you are unaware that you have a puncture, you may well exceed the speed and/or distance safety limits imposed by the manufacturer.


Some run flat tyres are not repairable. If you are unsure whether your run flat tyres are repairable or not, consult the specific manufacturer recommendations for your tyres.


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