The Second Row of Seating in a New Car?

Second row seating is sometimes overlooked by buyers – but a lot can separate a good second row from a great one. Here are a couple of things to look out for.

Space and comfort

How big the seats are in the second row can make or break the potential comfort. From the width, back height and seat base depth, there are a few factors to consider. Do you prefer flat bench-like seat bases or more contoured seats? When looking at the space in the second row, knee and foot room is equally important. The only true test however, is actually sitting in the second row – this will give you the best idea of how much knee and foot room there is.


Children are often the biggest consumers of second row seating – so it’s important to consider the safety aspect when considering a new car. Something that is often overlooked is adjustable head restraints in all three seating positions in the second row of seats. The head restraints need to be positioned to the back of your head, for maximum protection in case of an accident.


Simple storage solutions can come in handy when considering second row seating. From bottle or cup holders to back of seat pockets, these solutions offer a safe repository for items as well as a spot to keep items off the floor.


Light and smaller cars often don’t showcase technological features in the second row seating – often only providing basics like directional air vents. However, features such as tri-zone climate control, heated seats or second row lighting can be advantageous in the second row of seating.
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