What is the electric highway?

Ever wanted a way to circumnavigate Australia or wondered how practically own an electric vehicle without having range anxiety out of the city?

The answer – the “Electric Highway” – a three-year project that set out to have a charger near every populated part of Australia. A voluntary initiative of the Tesla Owners Club of Australia and the Australian Electric Vehicle  Association, the route now spaces 17,000km. The Electric Highway will change the way you view EVs.

Thanks to improved charging infrastructure, it is now possible to circumnavigate Australia in an electric vehicle. Remote stretches crossing the Nullarbor Plain in SA/WA, as well as the Pilbara, Kimberly and Top End, are covered with 32 amp, three phase sockets, while the eastern seaboard is serviced by the Queensland Electric Superhighway and the Tesla Supercharger network in south-eastern Australia. South-west of WA has been serviced by the RAC Electric Highway since 2015.

With all of the new charging stations over the past two years, places to charge your electric vehicle are now in abundance thanks to the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and the Tesla Owners Club of Australia’s efforts