What Services Are Included in Accident Management?

Have you ever heard of accident management and wondered what that meant? Perhaps you’ve been in a car accident and were not at fault - did you have someone to help you through all of the admin and time consuming activities associated with getting back on the road?
Firstly - let’s quickly discuss what it means to be in a “not my fault” or “not at fault” accident - if you were in a car accident where someone drove into you or caused the accident itself, then you were the not at fault driver. The other driver is the at fault driver, and is liable for the costs incurred (either personally or via his own insurance). Determining fault in a car accident is often tricky - so we’d always suggest letting the experts help you out.
Have you been in an accident and were not at fault? As frustrating as car accidents can be, if you were not at fault then we can help you.
Accident management services include a range of services designed to make your life a whole lot easier in the event of an accident. These services include

  • A dedicated accident support line. Carbiz has you covered - if you are in an accident, call our dedicated accident support line. Our team, based in Sydney, will be able to guide and assist you, ensuring your safety and well being.
  • Simple online claim form. We’ve simplified the process as we know that as busy people, you don’t have time to deal with complicated admin
  • We offer a large car fleet ensuring that your accident replacement vehicle is a car that meets your expectations. Get a hire car that is similar to your own.
  • Delivery of your vehicle to you. From the accident scene to the repair workshop or from the repair workshop directly delivered to you. Who has time to deal with arranging pick up and drop off - this is another way we try to make your life easier.
  • Carbiz helps provision an accident replacement vehicle while your car is being repaired.
  • Car insurance claim management. Our team of accident management experts will manage your insurance claim - leave the admin to us.

Not at fault car hire in Sydney doesn’t need to be difficult. Our team is ready to assist you from the moment you call us. From car insurance claim management to provision of an accident replacement car or car hire while you wait for your car to be repaired.
Let Carbiz handle things for you - we offer full service end-to-end accident management. Our team services the greater Sydney area.