What to Do in the Days after Your Car Accident

Car accidents can be stressful not only right away, but also in the days - and possibly even weeks - following. We’ve covered what you should do in the moments immediately following your car accident, but have you considered what you should be doing in the days after? If you’ve been involved in a car accident that was not your fault then read on!

File your insurance claim - not at fault

If you’re working with Carbiz, we’ll do this on your behalf with the right people. This needs to be done in the days following your accident and you will need to provide all the details of the other driver, who was at fault, to the team. You will also need to provide an accurate account of what happened in the car accident as well as the appropriate evidence. This will help your case and ensure a successful claim. While your vehicle is in the shop getting fixed, our team will also assist in getting you back on the road in a like for like accident replacement vehicle. After all, in Australia, if you weren’t at fault then you have the right to drive - this means that the driver who was at fault is liable for the costs associated with the accident (we’ve written more about how this works in other posts!).

Process the event

It’s important to properly process the car accident and how you may be feeling afterwards. Some people experience stress and anxiety following a car accident, others struggle to confidently drive around town. What you’re feeling is normal and if you need help to process the traumatic event then you should reach out to the professionals for assistance.

Enjoy your accident replacement vehicle

We know you’ve got life to get back to - and this is easy when you’re driving around town in your like for like accident replacement loan vehicle.

Need help after a car accident? We’ll help you