What to do in the event of a car accident

Let’s face it – car accidents are stressful, time consuming and often, very emotional. From the shock of the car crash, to the admin that comes along with car insurance claims. Not to mention finding an accident replacement vehicle to suit your needs – all within your budget. And being an unexpected event, do we ever really do proper research?

Carbiz Assist has developed a streamlined and efficient process to assist you in this time of need – car accidents shouldn’t be so draining, especially if you are not at fault! Our main focus is getting you back on the Sydney road as quickly as possible, providing you with a hire car that matches your now-damaged car, sorting out your insurance claim and working with the at fault party to cover costs – we thrive in providing car accident management services and have built up a network like no other.

So what should you do in the event of a car accident if you were not at fault? Here are a few simple steps – the Carbiz Assist team is skilled in handling these on your behalf.

  • Immediately following a car accident, it’s important to remain as calm as possible,
  • If no one is injured and you are able to, it’s important to move off of the road for safety.
  • Document the accident scene by collecting evidence and taking photos. A few key pieces of information you need from the other drivers include their name, surname, address, insurance company, registration details and details of the vehicle owner (especially if this is a different person to the driver).
  • Take note of the time of the accident, where it happened, and what the traffic, lighting and weather conditions were.
  • If anyone refuses to provide their details, call the police to assist you.
  • It’s important to report your car accident within 24 hours, so if there were no police on scene you will have to visit your local police station to do this.
  • If your car can no longer drive and needs to be towed, you will need to contact a tow company and stay on scene until they arrive. It’s a great idea to keep the details of a trusted and reputable towing company saved as a contact on your phone – even better, contact Carbiz Assist as soon as possible and let us help you.

Not sure who is at fault? Be sure to get all the details of all the drivers and cars involved, take pictures and document everything. Contact Carbiz Assist as soon as possible, our team of experts will be able to assist you in determining who is at fault and what the next steps are.